population catchment?

Large Population Catchment? Arghhh...tak paham aku!

Hey, are you selling a house or what? Do you mean large population concentrates in this area? Now, let’s check the dictionaries:

  • http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki: catchment (plural catchments) = Any structure or land feature which catches and holds water.
  • www.thefreedictionary.com: catchment = (a) A structure, such as a basin or reservoir, used for collecting or draining water. (b) The amount of water collected in such structure.
  • http://dictionary.com: catchment = (a) the act of catching water. (b) Something for catching water, as a reservoir or basin. (c) The water that is caught in such a catchment.

Image info:

  1. Date & Time: Sep 5, 2008; 7.30 am
  2. Location: Jalan Kajang-Semenyih (Sunway Semenyih Traffic Light)
  3. Nature of Business: Construction

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